Everts-Pol Sp z o.o.
The manufacturer of latex balloons and producer of advertising print on balloons.

1989 – Establishing Christanna – core commercial activity – import and distribution of latex balloons in the Polish market.
1993 – Transformation of Christanna into Everts-Pol Ltd – a limited liability company producing flexographic prints on balloons
and involved in import and distribution of balloons
1995 – Expansion of the printing machinery and launching silk-screen printing on balloons.
1996 – Move to a purpose built production and office facility at Kolumba str. 21, in Warsaw
1999 – Development of a balloon production facility in Warsaw
2000 – Launch of latex balloon manufacturing in Poland

Currently our activities embrace:
– manufacturing of latex balloons
– printing
– distribution of balloons
We are the leading producer and printer of high quality latex balloons:
– offered to printing businesses
– offered to distributors
– offered to decorators and events organisers
– for producing advertising and promotional prints at clients’ order

We offer a variety of balloons in different shapes, sizes and colours. The advanced printing technology enables us to produce high quality personalized advertising and promotional balloons with clients’ design, company names, logos, occasional messages or design.

Our products have been highly rated for their quality and how they satisfy the needs of the most demanding clients. The network of our clients covers all countries of the EU, as well as many places outside Europe.

Everts-Pol Ltd has been sustainably and dynamically expanding its activities and currently is the only latex balloon manufacturer in Poland solely owned by Polish capital.

All our latex balloons have been tested and approved to be in line with the EC standards for toys: PN-EN 71-1:2015-01, PN-EN 71-2+A :2014-06, PN-EN 71-3+A1:2014-12