Balloon types

There are two basic types of balloons – foil balloons and latex balloons. Everts-Pol produces latex balloons – more popular than foil balloons because of their unit price and ecology. Latex we use in our production process is 100% biodegradable.

Balloon colours

Choice of colour is a matter of preferences, or is dictated by corporate standards and brands. Everts-Pol offers a wide range of colours for latex balloons of different types and sizes. All our colours have the closest fit to PANTONE colour range. We can also produce balloons in colours tailored to your specific needs, though this is limited by minimum quantity of order.

Variety of balloon sizes and types

EV27 or EV30 are the most universal and popular balloon sizes – as they can be used for all types of decorations, including helium-inflated and promotions with company’s logo printed on balloons. In addition to these sizes, we offer also other balloon sizes – EV13, EV23, heart-shaped balloons EV16, punchball balloons EV50 , and modelling balloons. Our balloons can as a rule be metallic or solid-colour (standard pastel colours). Types of standard balloons are divided into metallic and pastel balloons.

Standard balloons

Standard balloons are latex balloons of regular shape. Balloon are ideal promotional and decorative product ever invented. We categorize standard balloons to standard, metallic and crystal balloons colours.
Either category can be produced in sizes EV13, EV 23, EV27 and EV30. Actual specifications of balloons, fully inflated in lab conditions, expressed in inches or centimetres, are given in offer on our website and in our catalogue.

Crystal balloons

Crystal balloons are translucent balloons, which can be used for decorations, as well as print. We offer crystal balloons in sizes EV27 and EV30.

Neon balloons

Neon balloons when inflated become semi-translucent. They are also offered in wide colour range and can be used for decorations. We offer neon balloons in one size only.

Heart balloons

Inflated balloons look exactly as hearts, which you can present to your clients as gifts for Valentine’s day, so that everybody feels loved. Hearts reach the size of EV23 balloons, that is 30 cm. Printing on those balloons can be done in one colour.

Punchball balloons

These balloons are available in a variety of pastel colours. Colourful balloons with printings are the best to add value to any birthday event or celebration party. On inflation, the ball’s diameter is aprox. 50 cm. It has a rubber line attached to it, allowing for playing.


Modelling balloons

Colour specifications allows for creating different shapes/ animals, in vivid, bright colours. They are ideal for decorations and playing games, and are recommended by professionals. We sale modelling balloons in colour assortments most commonly sought for by party animators working with children. Twisting and turning modelling balloons can be great fun, for kids as well as adults.


Printing methods

In Everts-Pol we have been using two printing methods – silkscreen and laser printing. Silkscreen printing allows for placing multicolour prints on balloons. This technique requires preparation of a screen of fine mesh, stretched over an aluminium frame, on which a pattern of light-sensitive emulsion is formed. Silkscreen printing is characterised by a great clarity of colours and resistance to mechanical conditions. Laser printing is characterised by greater attention to detail, a broader range of colours in printing, is less prone to colour shifts and offers possibility for printing photograph images on balloon.

Print layout on balloons

Most often our prints are placed on balloons in standard position, with the neck of the balloons pointing down towards the floor (neck down). Occasionally we receive requests to rotate them by 180 degrees, with the neck up. This is an unusual condition and may lead to some turmoil, nevertheless we cope with such requests perfectly. Can easily place prints in regular, standard position, as well as in rotations. We will be happy to satisfy your needs for positioning prints if only you state them in your order.

PANTONE matching system

The pantone matching system is a set of colour charts that are used by designers and printers world-wide as a standardised system of colour matching in creating corporate and business visuals. If your designs require PANTONE matching, and if you do not include their references in your mail or graphical attachment, our staff will select PANTONE match closest to your colours as displayed in the design. At present we can offer matching in line with the Solid Coated U PANTONE palette.


We offer our client broad range of accessories for plain as well as printed balloons.

Cup and sticks

These are widely used when promoting companies with printed balloons. They are a cheaper option with being air filled than the helium & valves and are multi-use. We suggest tying the tying a knot in the end of the balloons before wrapping around the cup to secure the inflated balloons do not “run away” because of released air. Cups & sticks are air filled, thus they can be assembled a few days prior to your event , unlike helium-filled balloons which you have to inflate as close to the time you require them as possible to maintain the best effect.


Ribbons with valves

Ribbons are essential element of balloon decorations. If you are planning to inflate balloons with helium, then you have to ensure the balloons do not fly away and stay floating as long as possible. Remember this can be secured by using ribbons with valves attached to them. They restrict the loss of gas through balloon neck, you will also be able to tie ribbon so the balloon stays in place.


Garland tape

Garland tape are great for decorating wedding party rooms, allows anybody to put together hearts, bridges, garlands or any other figure made of balloons. Ribbons can be connected together or used as an add-on at rooms, weddings or birthday parties, where you want to use plain or printed balloons.

Electric air inflators

Electrical blower of one nozzle, with an option to inflate with continuous air flow. Inflator suitable for long periods, creates powerful air stream, Significantly expedites and increases speed of mass inflation of balloons. It allows for inflating balloons in mass events or room decorations.

Manual air pumps

Professional hand pomp to inflate balloons. Dual-direction pump blows air when piston is moved either direction. This enables faster and more efficient inflation process – the pump is handy and easy-to-use.