What is Everts-Pol?
Everts-Pol is a company that produces latex balloons and prints on latex balloons.
It was established in 1993 under the company’s name. We started from the printing on balloons. In 2000 we started to produce balloons in Poland. Currently, so we are Polish manufacturer of balloons and printing on balloons.

When the balloons were invented?
in some form or another it’s for centuries. But the modern latex balloon was invented in New England during the Great Depression

Whence comes latex to the production of latex balloons?
Latex balloons
are made from milk of the rubber tree sap. It is grown on plantations in many tropical countries.

Is latex balloons are biodegradable?
Latex balloons is a 100% natural substance that is decomposes in both in the sun and water.
The degradation process begins almost immediately.
The oxidation makes the look like a latex balloons lose color is one of the first symptoms of the process.
Exposure to sunlight accelerates this process.
Studies show that the environmental conditions latex balloons biodegrade at the same rate as the leaf of the oak trees.

What happens to the balloons that fly away?

Often, latex balloons are released intentionally or accidentally.
Studies show that most of these latex balloons freeze at a higher altitude and then fall back to earth.

Is there a possibility that the child choke a balloon?

It is important that consumers are aware of the danger of choking or suffocation of children under the age of three years.
They are informed of this on the packaging.
If the child will be played with a balloon, that is required adult supervision.
Balloons not inflated please keep away from children.
Balloons inflated only pump – never mouths, and when they break so immediately you have to throw them away.

How balloons can be used for educational purposes?

You can perform multiple experiments on a variety of topics, all of which can benefit teachers. We are sure that there are creative use of balloons and you can certainly find them on the internet.

What is the process of adopting the logo to be printed on a balloon?

First you have to place your order by e-mail: office@everts-pol.pl.
In the email you have to take into account the type of balloon, the color of the balloon, quantity balloons and information on accessories for balloons.
We also need a logo in .ai format, eps or pdf where logo it is converted to vector curves.
When we complete the order we need is acceptance visualization logo on the balloon and deposit the money into our account. When all we have – we start to produce printing on the balloon.

Can you get in balloons patterns ?

Yes. As we are a producer balloons we have the ability to offer our customers samples of our products.
We have samples of both balloons, balloons with prints made various printing methods, as well as accessories for balloons.
If the customer is willing to receive the color of the balloon or the entire catalog, we are able to send the customer a sample. Samples may also be obtained at the fair, where we are exhibitors.
In Poland, the we issue balloons at the fair RemaDays- are some of the biggest fairs in the world of advertising.
Abroad currently we are exhibitors at the fair PSI in Düsseldorf and at the Toy Fair in Nuremberg.

How long fly your balloons with helium?

One company who to making decorating with balloons did test balloons with helium and published the results on its website.
In the test Everts-Pol went off quite well. We took honorable third place with an average time of flying a balloon with helium 18 hours and 54 minutes.